China’s pragmatism vs US liberal Universalism

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2014 Sep 24

Foreign Policy In Focus, India and China’s Pragmatism Challenge U.S. Superpower Status


2014 Jul 9

Eurasia Review, A new power structure in Asia: India+China+Japan


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Xi’s Helmsmanship on IR — [1] China as a Woken-up Lion

If Deng’s “Peaceful Rise” doctrine is to restrict the Chinese leaders not to pose threats to the world, Xi Jin-ping’s “China as a peaceful, friendly and civilized Woken-up Lion” analogy is to tell the world that China can no longer be “bullied”.

This assertion indicates that Beijing is confident enough in its forces to fend off blows from foreign powers and even strike back.  It is a milestone for China in the sense that Xi as the incumbent helmsman ruler dares to face off foreign powers at international level.  I believe that from now on Beijing will dare to be very harsh towards those irritating challenges and even afflict them with some sorts of measures.

Update 1: The subscription-only UK journal Philosophy Now published my article “Could Plato’s Republic Work in China?”  in its Issue 101 Mar/Apr 2014 main theme: The Ship of Fools – Plato and Democracy.  Here are the links:

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Update 2: “From Democracy to Veto-cracy: Destabilizing World Politics” is my latest article on the “head count” problem of the election mechanism in polarized angry nations.

When more self-radicalized individuals and interest groups do not play the waiting rules of democracy and choose to bring down their generally elected government in the name of “people’s democracy”, democracy as a political system for peaceful handover of authority will collapse worldwide very quickly.  Perhaps, it is what Plato foresaw 2,500 years ago.

Thailand, Ukraine, Belgium and Egypt: Secession or Helmsman Ruler System

Here is my latest article which argues that the problems in Thailand, Ukraine, Belgium and Egypt (named by me as the TUBE states) have exposed the fatal weakness of Democracy, namely, “tyranny of the majority” vs “mobocracy of the minority”; and that the peoples there should consider the Helmsman Ruler System (HRS) — the pragmatic version of Plato’s rotational ruler system:

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[2] the post about one of the pillar features of System: “The Historical Trace of Decentralization in China for the Helmsman Ruler System”

[3] the posts that explain why HRS is not a system for China only: “From 12 Angry Men to 12 Angry Nations” and “Helmsman Ruler System for Angry Nations II”

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