Thailand, Ukraine, Belgium and Egypt: Secession or Helmsman Ruler System

Here is my latest article which argues that the problems in Thailand, Ukraine, Belgium and Egypt (named by me as the TUBE states) have exposed the fatal weakness of Democracy, namely, “tyranny of the majority” vs “mobocracy of the minority”; and that the peoples there should consider the Helmsman Ruler System (HRS) — the pragmatic version of Plato’s rotational ruler system:

Please kindly note that this Word Press blog was set up to meet the requirement of the China Daily Mail for publishing articles there.   I do not publish post at his blog regularly.  If you would like to be updated of my writings, please follow my primary blog:

From my primary blog, you can find:

[1] my most viewed post :From Liberal Universalism back to Multi-bloc Geopolitics  Groẞräume GeoPolitik

[2] the post about one of the pillar features of System: “The Historical Trace of Decentralization in China for the Helmsman Ruler System”

[3] the posts that explain why HRS is not a system for China only: “From 12 Angry Men to 12 Angry Nations” and “Helmsman Ruler System for Angry Nations II”

[4] Beijing’s reaction to and debate on the HRS

[5] My most viewed published articles’ highlights and web links:

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A Roundtable with Saudi, Iran, Israel, China and the U.S. Soon (my original article title)

Susan Rice Attempts to Solve the Japan-China Deadlock

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